Watch the incredible video.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
March 31, 2019
Manuel Breva Colmeiro/Getty Images

Forget a musical crib mobile or playing an album of lullabies.

Cody Comer, a new dad in Jasper County, Missouri, bids his newborn to bed cradled atop his guitar.

On March 13th, the aspiring musician posted a video to his facebook page, Cody Comer Music, of himself serenading daughter Carrigan, then just two-weeks old to sleep. "My wife asked me to see if I could get our daughter to take a nap today because her and the ladies were busy doing something so we took a nap daddy's way!!! And it works every time!!" he captioned the video. Little did Cody and wife Chandra know, the short clip would steal the hearts of so many — racking up 69 million views and counting since it was posted on March 13th.

"He just sings to her and he will sing her to sleep and it was just a precious video that really they had just taken and shared for family and friends to see," Carrigan's grandmother Mindy Comer told KFVS-TV 12.

"I just posted it on there because I thought it was kinda cool...I didn't think it would go viral like it did," Cody added.

"It's just crazy how much people love babies, and how fast it happened, all of it," Chandra Comer, Carrigan's mom, said in the same interview. "I think that's just the coolest part of us is how viral it went and how quick it all happened."

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"Every time I look at her, I can't get over how much God has blessed us," Cody said. We hope the happy memories and music keep coming for many more years, Comer family.