Harp's new book Handcrafted: A Woodworker's Story dropped yesterday.
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Clint Harp and Joanna Gaines
Credit: instagram.com/clintharpofficial

Clint Harp's new book, Handcrafted: A Woodworker's Story debuted yesterday, and we're more than a little excited to devour the words of our favorite celebrity carpenter, who rose to fame on Fixer Upper. Now, the woodworking genius stars in his own show, Wood Work on the DIY network, alongside his designer wife, Kelly. Yesterday, however, Harp took a look in the rearview mirror, reflecting on collaborating with Chip and Jo on a Fox & Friends segment.

When the show's host asked Harp how he handles some of Joanna's more demanding design requests, the ever-affable carpenter quipped, "I say ‘How am I gonna do that?!' to everything, because, you know, I'm still figuring it out."

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"That's the point of the book. Everyone sees this guy on television and they think, ‘He's got it all figured out, he knows exactly what he's doing,' and the point is, I don't. I'm actually figuring it out as I go," Harp added, noting that every time he gets a new project he asks himself how the heck he is going to tackle it.

Well, we've got faith in you, Captain Clint. Buy his new book on Amazon here.