Try it for a week, adopt a new attitude for life.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 26, 2019
Woman Complaining to Man
Credit: John Henley/Getty Images

There's so much traffic. The food at this restaurant is taking too long. My boss / best friend / Amazon Alexa is driving me crazy.

You don't need us to to tell you how easy it is to tick off a complaint or seventy-two. That's why some are turning to "complaint cleanses," or opportunities to abstain from whining.

As NBC News recently pointed out, author and poet Cleo Wade recently inspired a group gripe cleanse via an Instagram post that received much attention. "Who wants to go on a complaint cleanse with me this week? I love you. #HeartTalk but seriously. Anybody in? No complaints for one week," she wrote at the end of last month. "Let me know! I will check in next Sunday and you can let me know what you noticed and how you did!"

Followers eagerly took on the challenge with comments ranging from "[I] tried! I told everyone that complained they would have to watch the panda cam!" to "I did this for 40 days 3 years ago. It changed my life."

Those eager to try this out to see how it effects their stress levels may be pleased to discover that even going just one day without complaining can dramatically reset your outlook. By focusing on the good in your life and expressing gratitude regularly rather than harping on your shortcomings or frustrating situations, you may also find that the positivity is contagious.

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So what do you think of going a whole week without complaining? Heavens to Betsy does this sound hard if you ask us. Not that we're complaining about it or anything.