Your fridge could actually overheat if you don't do this.

Jens Barslund/ArcaidImages/Getty Images

Just when you thought spring cleaning best be postponed for 2019, an unexepcted burst of energy hits you. Where to start? Which tools to grab from the cleaning closet? What to tackle first? Well, if you think of spots in your home that you use with the most frequency, the refrigerator probably tops the list. And chances are, from moldy cheeses to post-expiration date condiments, and even some crumbs and smudged surfaces, your fridge is probably a good place to begin your cleaning fest.

But in the midst of scrubbing and tossing, you may be overlooking one important aspect of keeping your refrigerator in tip-top condition: "You should clean the refrigerator’s condenser coil, usually found behind the toe grille, with a long-handled bottle brush and a vacuum cleaner with an attachment hose to remove dust and lint. Built-up dust can shut down the unit by causing it to overheat," share the editors of Reader's Digest in a piece on spring cleaning tips."To remove dust from coils attached to the hard-to-reach back side of the fridge, carefully pull the refrigerator out several feet (newer models roll on casters) and vacuum thoroughly; finish by sweeping or vacuuming the floor area you’ve revealed." (Note: You should unplug your refrigerator before performing this task.)

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Now, that we're ready to tackle that, can someone tell us, why, precisely, have we been stockpiling mustard packets in our fridge from circa 1997?