Hint: Mamaw loves 'em.

Claw-foot Bathtub
Credit: David Papazian/Getty Images

Wondering what design features make a home's value spike? Head to the bathroom and look for a claw-foot tub.

Real Estate website RealEstate.com recently analyzed listing descriptions for "millions of entry-level homes" (which they defined as "those priced within the bottom third of the market") to determine what factors influenced sale price.

Their findings might surprise you. Among the leaderboard for reportedly making sale prices skyrocket above the expected values were starter homes that included coffered ceilings, farmhouse sinks, and, much to mamaw's delight, claw-foot tubs.

According to the RealEstate.com survey, starter homes with claw-foot tubs sold for nearly 30% more than expected. Coffered ceilings also helped homes sell for 30% more than expected, and farmhouse sinks (thanks Joanna Gaines) helped homes sell for 26% more than expected.

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