Cecil is very distressed.
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Poor Doris. And Cecil, Tracey, and Paula. Those are just a few of the classic baby names that are at risk for disappearing entirely from the baby name pool. Out of the 300,000 baby names registered with BabyCentre this year, there has not been a single Cyril, Diane, Wayne, or Angela and those names are not alone. According to BabyCentre, via AARP, there are 36 names that have not yet shown up in their system, which means they just might be going out of style entirely.

Here are the 36 names in danger of becoming extinct:

Angela, Bertram, Beverly, Carol, Cecil, Clarence, Clive, Cyril, Debra, Diane, Donna, Dean, Doris, Dennis, Derek, Duncan, Elaine, Ernest, Geoffrey, Horace, Joanne, Leonard, Maureen, Malcolm, Nigel, Neville, Paula, Roy, Sally, Sandra, Sharon, Sheila, Tracey, Wendy, Yvonne, Wayne

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While mostly British parents register with BabyCentre, the list undoubtedly resonates with baby-naming trends in America, too. In 2015, only nine babies were named Paula, according to the Social Security Administration's database, while only 27 were given the name Cecil. In short, if you're a big fan of Paula, Dean, Roy, or Donna or really want to honor Grandpa Wayne, you know what you have to do, or if you have grown children, what to encourage them to do.

As for the names that are rising in 2017, the most popular girls' names so far are Emma, Olivia, Ava, and Isabella, while boys are Liam, Noah, Mason, and Lucas.