We're totally visiting this coffee shop next time we're in town.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
July 20, 2017

Coffee shop patrons certainly see their fair share of regulars loading up on their daily cuppa joe. But what if one of the usual customers had four legs and was pretty hairy? For Civil Goat Coffee Co in Austin, Texas, that regular is a goat named Butters. Yes, as the shop's name implies, he's a goat. The adorable creature is, in fact, a pygmy goat, and based on the venue's instagram handle, clearly loves his java.

"He can be awesome at times, and a royal pain at others," said owner Chris O'Brien of Butters to Eater Austin, "but he's a goat so I've come to accept it." He also notes that he's "pretty much raised him as a dog."

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While he's not always at the shop, lucky customers can often awwww over the endearing animal when O'Brien is at the cafe. Can every day be "take your goat to work" day? Talk about a feel-good buzz!