Christmas Lights Are Going Back Up All Over the Country to Symbolize Hope

Through the darkness, let that light shine!

As America teeters with anxiety over the coronavirus pandemic, one simple action is giving some citizens hope: Putting their Christmas lights back up.

Christmas lights in the suburbs
Getty Images / Peter Dazeley

As we discovered via House Beautiful, people are starting to re-hang their holiday lights as a sign of hope and solidarity during these tough and isolating times. "As COVID-19 continues to spread and the need for social distancing increases, Twitter users are calling for people to put their Christmas lights back up," explains Nathalie Kirby in the piece. "With school and work closing, restaurants shutting down, and events being cancelled, many people are feeling the scary effects of the Coronavirus," she continues, noting that especially for households with children, the pull for an extra distraction and burst of joy may be particularly pressing.

Who's ready to join the movement? One Milwaukee man's tweet (see below) has already elicited 1,700 likes and counting along with many responses ranging from, "Actually a great idea, we could have a red white and blue theme instead of Christmas," to "Great idea! Something to do with the kids. Gives them some fun instead of dread and despair!" Many also humorously replied that they are still yet to take their Christmas lights from the holiday season down from their houses in the first place.

One Louisiana resident even shared their personal lights display, chiming in with "Watson, Louisiana is in!" If you decide to join the ranks, be sure to call out your town or city on social media posts so we can see where people are illuminating their homes all over the country.

Check out a few more tweets below.

What do you think of the blossoming trend? Are you ready to deck out your house once again with colorful Christmas lights? If you decide to bust out the LEDs, tag us on social media—we'd love to see a photo of your display.

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