The pink, star-shaped balloon held Luna Gonzalez’ five holiday wishes.
Luna Gonzalez Balloon
Credit: Leticia Gonzalez

On December 1st, four-year-old twins Luna and Gianella Gonzalez released a set of balloons from their backyard in Liberal, Kansas. The two pink, star-shaped balloons—one for each girl—carried their letters to Santa.

"It was something different for the girls—a memory they could keep after a rough 2020," their mom Leticia told Good Morning America. "It was just so cold and windy. I didn't expect them to go that far."

A few weeks later, Leticia heard from a friend that someone had shared a photo of Luna's balloon on Facebook.

It was found by a man named Alvin Bamburg of Shreveport, Louisiana. He told GMA that he discovered it while hunting in Grand Cane, Louisiana—650 miles from its launch point in Kansas.

Bamburg shared a photo of the crumbled balloon and the letter inside, in which Luna asked Santa Claus for candy, a Spider-Man ball, a Frozen doll, a puppy, and My Little Pony.

Through many shares, Bamburg and Leticia eventually connected via Facebook.

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"I believe that we don't met people by accident," Leticia told GMA. "I feel like we've made new friends for a lifetime."

Bamburg and his Facebook friends are working on fulfilling some of Luna's requests. Leticia's family plans to donate any gifts that come their way via Bamburg to less fortunate children.