An episode of Christina on the Coast reveals some helpful tips.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
July 02, 2019
Christina Anstead
Credit: E! Entertainment/Getty Images

What's an oft overlooked but vital part of your kitchen? The area where the magic happens. The energy happens. The AM save me and PM pick-me-up happens. We're talking about your cofffee-making station, of course.

As relayed in an episode of Christina Anstead's new HGTV series, Christina on the Coast, caffeine enthusiasts should consider designing a special area for their coffee maker when remodeling their kitchen. Lisa Johnson Mandell explains Anstead's ethos in a recent piece for

"Your coffee maker is going to take up counter space anyway (unless you install one that's built-in), so why not have a dedicated place for it? One with open shelving for mugs above, a cabinet with a drawer for spoons and other coffee-making paraphernalia, plus a cabinet below," writes Johnson Mandell in a summary of the Christina on the Coast "Getting a New Kitchen" episode.

Even if your kitchen is low on space and you're not undertaking a total kitchen makeover, having a designated coffee area can give your cooking space a quick upgrade. Carving out a nook for your coffee maker can also help make brewing your cup of java feel like a more special ritual than simply rummaging around your pantry for beans, going to your cabinet for a mug, and then walking over to the outlet by your fridge to turn your coffee maker on. Consider placing a few mugs (you can hang these on a branch-type rack to save space), your favorite beans, and even a jug filled with your favorite breakfast granola to elevate this space without spending a lot of time or money.

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Well, we're definitely going to consider this tip for our own kitchens. So what's your favorite easy kitchen design upgrade or go-to tip?