A poignant reminder to smile and be grateful during these dark times.
Astronaut Chris Cassidy
Credit: NASA

It's a great day to be alive, indeed.

It's hard not to watch this heartfelt lip sync version of country music crooner Travis Tritt's "It's A Great Day to Be Alive" and not think, well, it is. Performed by astronaut Chris Cassidy, the spaceship commander shared the following message along with his playful video filmed from the International Space Station: "From 250 miles above the Earth, Expedition 63 is very much aware of the hard times which exist in the neighborhoods of the world rotating below. Even amid the uncertainty and difficulties of battling through these challenging times, we encourage everyone to be the best 'crewmates' & take care of each other. Cherish the people you love. "

The musical spoof starts with Cassidy and a floating packet of rice as Tritt sings, "I got rice cooking in the microwave" with Cassidy lip syncing. The four-minute video clip shows Tritt going about his daily tasks on the spacecraft, interspersed with stunning clips of planet earth from above and photographs of Cassidy and his crew's adventures in space.

In a particularly moving scene around the 2:35 mark, we see Cassidy in his space suit with a note taped to his sleeve that reads, "Frontline workers around the world THANK YOU!" in honor of countless men and women around our Pale Blue Dot who are working tirelessly in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Watch the video below.

Tritt joined the fun on social media, tweeting in response to International Space Station's posting of the video. "This is the closest I will ever get to actually being in space. I’m very honored to have my music being played on the International Space Station! Thanks so much!" the singer wrote, clearly thrilled to see his music serve as a soundtrack high above radio waves.

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Now, Commander Cassidy: Are you accepting any further country music requests? We have a few ideas...