Excuse us while we dust off our resume. 

By Meghan Overdeep
November 26, 2018
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

Dream job alert! Chip and Joanna Gaines are embarking on their biggest project to date, and the Waco wonder couple is already recruiting team members to help them pull it off.

The Fixer Upper stars, who revealed their plans to return to television with their very own Magnolia Network earlier this month, have apparently begun fielding job applications on social media.

After confirming on Twitter that their former Fixer Upper producer (and season four homeowner) Michael Matsumoto plans to join them on their new adventure, Chip shocked fans by responding to one eager follower's ad hoc application. "TV producer here—ready to work," the industrious woman replied to Magnolia's tweet announcing the Gaines' latest project.

Early the next morning Chip replied and asked his assistant to initiate the next steps. "I like this readiness!" he wrote. "@AssistingChip can you get her set up."

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If you're looking to throw your hat in the ring, it might help to know what the Gaineses look for in their employees. And in an interview with Country Living, Chip shared that the most important qualification is integrity.

"In a perfect world, they're perfectly qualified and they've got amazing character but if we had to make a concession, we would always choose to concede their qualifications over their character," Chip said. "If you were going to work for Magnolia, we would expect you to want to serve people and we would want you to do that with a high level of integrity."

Think you've got what it takes? As Chip would say: "get after it!"