"Everything about u has made everything about me better."

Waco's first couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines, have done so much to help keep us delighted and entertained amid the difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic. From quarantine cooking videos to beautiful, zen-inducing photos of the family's Texas farm, we feel lucky that the former Fixer Upper stars share glimpses into their personal lives with their fans.

Now, we're melting by the sweetness of a beautiful message Chip penned to his beloved Jo in honor of their wedding anniversary yesterday. "Juuuust married! Everything about u has made everything about me better. & 17 years later I’m still learning from & loving on the most incredible woman in the world," he writes, tugging at our heartstrings just so. "After all these years Joanna Lea Stevens U really are the girl of my dreams.. Happy 17th sweet girl. I love you," he concludes his thoughtful note, posted on Twitter alongside the couple on their wedding day and another more recent photo of Joanna looking every bit as luminous in jeans and a grey sweater.


Chip's followers were clearly moved by his beautiful message to Jo with the post so far eliciting 33,000 likes and counting, along with many comments. Fan responses ranged from, "In a broken world I wake up to see this post and it is so refreshing...Thank you and congrats to you both!" to "Your words are so simple yet they say it all beautifully about how much you love her. This is a swoonworthy moment! Happy Anniversary to two beautiful souls!...P.S. Still miss you two on HGTV," with a slew of "happy anniversary!" wishes thrown into the mix.

So far, we haven't seen any responses from Jo herself on her own social media handles. We'll just assume she was busy making Chip a handmade watercolor painting or picking fresh herbs from the garden to sprinkle on an anniversary feast.