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It's beginning to sound like Christmas. At least in Chip and Joanna Gaines' household — and Chip Gaines has some thoughts.

"My wife is convinced that #Halloween is NOT too early for Christmas music.. please tell me she's wrong, right?? #TOOEARLY!!" exclaims Gaines in a Halloween tweet that has sparked 2,300 comments and counting.

Chip's tweet has indeed created a contentious debate, with responses ranging from "Yes TOO EARLY! Oh I'm so sorry Chip. One holiday at a time should be the rule of thumb. I love ya Joanna but I'm with Chip on this one," to "She is right. Come on @chipgaines, don't you know your wife is always right? By the way, I'm a high school theatre teacher and some of my students started listening to Christmas music last week."

Others quipped, "Well I am watching @hallmarkchannel Christmas movies I am going to have to say no! #teamJoanna" and "Too early does not exist in regards to Christmas," as if they were right after our very own Christmas-crazed hearts.

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For sure, as devoted fans of Holiday cheer, we're firmly in Joanna's camp of believing that it's never too soon to blast Winter Wonderland soundtracks. Who's ready to raise the eggnog with us?

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