Even the Waco Wonder Woman has her moments.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
November 28, 2018
NBC/Getty Images

Yep, Joanna Gaines isn't free from a little friendly family teasing. The mama-to-five and Empress of Waco is featured in a new meme created by son Drake that shows baby Crew sliding down the couch cushions with the caption, "Me when Jo Says...'Can I ask you a question?'"

Shared on Chip Gaines' Twitter feed yesterday, the tweet has thus far received 428 retweets and 12,937 likes and counting. Fans of the Fixer Upper fam clearly enjoyed the playful pic with followers quipping responses like "Baby Crew has ninja skills?" and "Quick get under those covers before Mama Jo finds me."

The cute baby boy — who was born this past June — has much to look forward to this holiday season when mama Jo isn't asking Chip those pointed questions. From Christmas at the Silos to rocking some outfits from the Matilda Jane and Joanna Gaines clothing collaboration, it's sure to be a busy holiday season for the youngest Gaines.

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Well, JoJo, here's to hoping you have some funny memes hiding up your sleeve that are ready to drop to get back at your prankster husband.