Why didn't we think of #1?

Chip Gaines is husband to Jo, proud papa to four — with one on the way! — and knows more than a thing or two about home renovation. The HGTV "Fixer Upper" star and KILZ spokesman recently caught up with PureWow to spill some of his best home-buying wisdom.

As it turns out, Chip thinks there are three important, but oft overlooked, things you should always inquire about before buying a home. The first: Be sure to ask about the state of the roof. How old is it? What kind of shape is it in? You're probably not oohing and ahhing over the roof when house hunting, but it will certainly make your jaw drop if you discover you need to fork over $15,000 after closing the deal to repair it.

The second question Chip advises potential home buyers ask: What's the plumbing like? Be sure to find out the age of the water heater and the type of piping the digs have, as well as what type of piping it is and when it was installed. Pro-tip: Consider having a plumber perform a camera inspection of the main sewer, a move that can save you a substantial amount of money.

The third important thing for Mr.Gaines is the home's electrical conditions. If you see a dizzying, disorganized panel, that's probably not a good sign. If the home is 30+ years old, get an electrician to come in and inspect things for you. Better safeguard yourself than sorry.