If Joanna gets her way, the "D" names could be a thing of the past.

Southern Living Chip and Joanna Gaines Today Show
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

It seems that Joanna Gaines is looking for a "change of pace" when it comes to choosing a name for baby number five.

Gaines and her husband Chip, who announced that they're expecting a little boy in March, already have two boys with names that begin with "D" — Drake and Duke—and two daughters with "E" names— Ella and Emmie.

But during the couple's Tuesday morning appearance on Today, Jo revealed that that naming convention might be a thing of the past.

"I want a ‘C' name and he wants a ‘D' name," Joanna said. "I say he got the boy, so I get to pick the name."

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In addition to discussing Joanna's latest cookbook endeavor, the Fixer Upper duo laughed about how a third boy might disrupt their family's delicate gender balance. "This is really upsetting the balance of power," Chip joked, referring to the fact that the boys soon will soon outnumber the girls in their Waco home. "So the boys might be able to outvote from here until kingdom come."

And though they're admittedly a little worried about the age gap that will exist between the new baby and their current brood, who range in ages from 8 to 13, Joanna sees it as an advantage.

"I'm going to have help this time," she said.