No, not for hummus.
Can of Chickpeas
Credit: HandmadePictures/Getty Images

Yes, there is hummus. And chocolate hummus. But did you know a wallet-friendly can of chickpeas can do a whole lot more than collapse into a swirl of beige fluff? As The Kitchn recently pointed out, there's a dizzying amount of recipes you can tackle with a humble can of these nutrient-dense beans. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

1. Cook up some plant-based patties

In culinary school, I spent many evenings toiling away at my chickpea-millet croquette recipe, studding my batter with fresh herbs, lemon juice, mustard and miso (two great binders). Countless hours later, I had no winner, and fifty riffs to consider whipping up for my upcoming final exam. But make your life easy and try a batch of these cauliflower-chickpea patties from One Green Planet; they only require a handful of ingredients.

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2. Create a fun snack.

As Southern Living food editor Lisa Cericola points out in "The One Canned Food You Should Always Have in Your Kitchen," chickpeas are great as a happy hour nibble. "Fry up a drained, rinsed, dried can of chickpeas in a little olive oil until crispy and season with salt and smoke paprika. Serve hot with cold beer." Sold.

3. Make any soup or salad heartier.

No chicken? No problem. Jazz up any soup or salad to make it more satisfying by stirring in a 1/2 cup or so of the winsome bean. Unlike hummus, there's no blender cleanup required for this smooth move.

4. Say hello to honey-roasted chickpea butter.

The Kitchn has wowed us with this innovative concept. The sweet, versatile condiment lasts in the fridge for up to five days and is a welcome addition to a slice of toast, or eat it straight off a spoon.

5. Make falafel.

Okay, you're Southern. Black-eyed pea fritter sandwiches with slaw may win your fancy, but we assure you falafel is one of the most underrated dishes. Try these easy vegan falafel from Minimalist Baker and we'd be shocked if there are any leftovers.