This year we’re going right from fall fashion into fowl fashion.
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Chicken Christmas Sweater
Credit: AnimalFunandFashion/Etsy

Do you have chickens? Do you feel the need to squeeze every ounce of joy from this topsy turvy holiday season?

If you answered yes to both of these questions (or your name is Jennifer Garner), chicken Christmas sweaters are for you.

Trust us, there's nothing a tiny sweater on a farm animal can't fix.

We recently got wind of the existence of festive chicken fashion via Cosmopolitan, and it has quickly become our new favorite thing.

Sink your talons into the beautiful crocheted sweaters from AnimalFunandFashion on Etsy. Choose from cheery red sweaters with white trim and Santa buttons or a more subdued version in a deep green with a smattering of white pom poms.

Crochet Christmas Chicken Sweater
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Starting at $16 and available in four sizes (be sure to measure your chicken before purchasing!) these adorable little sweaters are guaranteed to bring you and your social media followers endless joy this holiday season.

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Please keep in mind that although they are impossibly cute, chickens should not wear sweaters for an extended period of time. Clothing can get caught on things, harbor pests, and interfere with their temperature regulation.  

So, sweater responsibly, y'all and enjoy your extra stylish chicken this Christmas.