Chick fil-A does it again!

By Meghan Overdeep
February 22, 2018
Alex Wong / Staff/ Getty Images

Gabriella Deleon eats at the Chick fil-A on the corner of Abrams Road and Lyndon B Johnson Freeway in Dallas a lot. A quick drive from Richland College—where the 19 year old is a student—Deleon said she often stops in after soccer practice.

A longtime Chick fil-A fan, it was what happened during a routine visit a few weeks ago that forever solidified her love for the restaurant chain.

One day, during a normal post-soccer run, her ID slipped out of her wallet when she took her card out to pay. A few days passed by before she realized it was missing. Not knowing where she'd misplaced it, Deleon simply replaced it.

Fast-forward two weeks, when a letter from Chick fil-A arrived in the mail. Inside Deleon found her long-lost ID, a handwritten note, and a store gift card.

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"Dear Gabriella, we hope this card/ID finds you!" the letter begins. "We do want to thank you for visiting our store, and hope you come back soon. Sincerely, the Chick fil-A family."

Stunned, Deleon shared a photo of the letter on Twitter. The post quickly went viral.

"I was so shocked because I would never think they would do that for me, and write me a letter," Deleon told Southern Living. "I just thought it was a gift card, but it was my ID. It was sweet of them to send it to me rather than throwing it away."

Well done, Chick fil-A!