"We're looking for people trying to raise families, improve their lifestyle."
Chick-fil-A $18 an Hour Wage
Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Chick-fil-A stores are known for going above and beyond for their communities, but one location is making headlines for taking the chain's legacy of giving and compassion to an impressive new level—even by Chick-fil-A standards.

Starting June 4th, "hospitality professionals" at Eric Mason's store in Sacramento, California, will be paid a whopping $17 to $18 an hour, a huge increase from the $12 to $13 he pays them now, and a start contrast to California's $11-an-hour minimum wage requirement.

"We're looking for people trying to raise families, improve their lifestyle," Mason explained to local news station KXTV.

This considerable wage hike puts Mason's Chick-fil-A employees head-and-shoulders above the $10 national average for fast food workers, and even some professions that require college degrees. According to the United States Department of Labor, in 2017, average wages for substitute teachers ranged from $14 to $15, while paramedics made an average of $16 to $18 an hour.

This is hardly the first time Chick-fil-A has exceeded fast food chain expectations. In fact, the popular chicken spot has awarded $61 million in scholarships to its employees since 1973. One Florida manager even went so far as to help an employee score a prom date.

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Mason admitted that the wage increase will be challenging, but it's a challenge he believes is worth it. "The people is the real key component to successful businesses," he told KXTV. "We're looking for people who are looking for long-term opportunity."