"Sunshine on a plate" indeed.

We've never met a Chick-fil-A order we didn't like. From Waffle Fries to the Frosted Sunrise we could easily eat at Chick-fil-A every day of the week and not get bored.

But did you know over on their playfully named blog, The Chicken Wire, the fast food eatery is sharing a variety of fun recipes for us to enjoy at home? With spring underway, our stomachs growled with glee when we saw this citrus-forward Lemony Tear and Share Bread recipe. Featuring fresh lemons, the cinnamon-lemon biscuit base is topped with a sticky lemon sauce and a cream cheese lemonade glaze. Watch the dish — perfect for breakfast or dessert — come to life in the video above.

Craving that golden brown lemony bread now? Us too. We suppose all we have to do is invite a few people over for a festive spring brunch. (Okay, and clean off our dining room table.)

We don't know about you but it's safe to say we'll be cooking up a double batch of this delightful treat, or, more accurately, "Sunshine on a plate."

For the full recipe, click here.