Can you guess where?

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
October 15, 2019
Chick-fil-A Exterior
Credit: ivanastar/Getty Images

Imagine a world without Chick-fil-A's flaky biscuits. Without Chick-fil-A waffle potato fries. Without Chick-fil-A lemonade. A sad world, indeed.

Our pals in the United Kingdom live in that world day in and day out, sunshine, rain, sleet, and snow. Until now, that is.

"We can confirm we opened a pilot licensed location in the UK on October 10 and we are pleased to have already served several hundred customers in our first day," a Chick-fil-A representative told Business Insider. "This location will help us understand more about consumer interest in our brand and signature menu items." The new Chick-fil-A outpost will be in the town of Reading in Berkshire, England, and mark's the company's first location outside of the U.S. and Canada (the brand's first Canadian store opened in Toronto last month). Reading is about 41 miles outside of London for those looking to get both their Big Ben and a Big Icedream fix in one trip.

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For now, there's no word out yet on what the Reading menu offers, but we hope there's no confusion over what Chick-fil-A "biscuits" are with our friends across the pond.