New coffee flavor alert!

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
May 10, 2018
Courtesy Chick-fil-A Inc.

If the phrases "Iced Caramel Coffee" and "Frosted Caramel Coffee" sound like music to your Chick-fil-A-loving ears, listen up. Much like their fresh-squeezed lemonade, Chick-fil-A's delectable coffee offerings have a devoted fan base. Now, the popular restaurant brand is testing some new and exciting options to join, potentially, their frosted and iced coffee family.

Currently testing in Columbia, South Carolina and Southern Virginia, the Iced Caramel Coffee and Frosted Caramel Coffee are the must-try caffeinated sips du jour. The new beverages are served cold with a salted caramel sauce, and either made over ice or "frosted" – mixed with Chick-fil-A's vanilla Icedream.

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The new beverages will be sold in these select markets through June, so customers have the chance until then to get their java fix and let Chick-fil-A know what they think of the menu additions.

A media representative tells Southern Living that the customer feedback will help the company determine whether or not the new drinks expand to the entire chain. We're sure antsing to see ths salted caramel joy make it to the menu of our local outpost, so be sure to tell your friends in Virginia and South Carolina to order up.