By Nellah Bailey McGough
July 23, 2018
Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Lowry walking into their favorite Chick-fil-A in 2017
Courtesy of Kelly Anne Lee

Want another reason to love Chick-fil-A? The employees at the Flowood, MS, location went above and beyond in customer service. Kelly Anne Lee's grandparents, H.A. (Papaw) and Jessie (Memaw) Lowry, frequented their local Chick-fil-A since it opened its doors 16 years ago and shared this story with us:

SL: Kelly Anne, you said your grandparents ate breakfast at Chick-fil-A everyday. Do you know how this tradition started?

KAL: They started going to Chick-fil-A because they just liked it, but it became a morning routine for them. Any day, except Sundays of course, you knew they were eating breakfast there. Papaw had sausage biscuits with pepper and Memaw had hash browns and chicken minis and, of course, senior citizen coffee for both. Even when Memaw was going through cancer treatment, Papaw would go and bring back "potato rounds" (hash browns) because that was the only thing she would eat. They were SO taken care of day after day in there. The employees at Chick-fil-A were family to my grandparents and spent a majority of their mornings with them! When we would go visit our grandparents, they made sure to introduce all of us to the staff and would brag about their kids, grandkids, and great grandkids.

Due to health issues, the Lowry's moved away from their hometown to be closer to family and hadn't been back to their favorite Chick-Fil-A in over 6 months before Mr. H.A. passed away. During the funeral visitation, Jeff Williams (Chick-fil-A Assistant Manager) walked in with a tray of chicken nuggets and fruit and spent time with Mrs. Jessie and paying his respects to Mr. H.A. As Kelly Anne put it, "Next thing we know, here comes more Chick-fil-A employees. That is what Chick-fil-A represents–love, family, kindness. We all thanked Mr. Jeff for coming and in the kindest way he said he wouldn't have missed it for the world and that Mr. Lowry was family." Williams told SL that the Lowry's were a precious married couple and set a wonderful example for being married over 50 years each day.

Jeff Williams, Assistant Manager, visiting with Mrs. Lowry
Courtesy of Kelly Anne Lee

Courtesy of Kelly Anne Lee

SL: Has your grandmother gone back to their Chick-fil-A?

KAL: Yes, my grandmother went back, only this time without her better half. Wouldn't you know, every employee came and hugged her, loved on her, and shared their condolences for her loss. When food was ordered, payment wasn't accepted. Breakfast was on them today. They continued to bless our family.

SL: I'm sure your family is so appreciative of the gesture put forth by the employees.

KAL: I am continuously blown away by Chick-fil-A as a company, but cannot speak highly enough on how fabulous Chick-fil-A at Dogwood Festival has been to my grandparents over the years, and especially the days surrounding Papaw's funeral. I just wanted to share the incredible customer service and love our family has received from Chick-fil-A.

I recently had a chance to speak to Mr. Keys Hayes, the Owner Operator of the Chick-fil-A at Dogwood Festival and he reiterated, "We are so blessed to have so many great customers. Our employees got to know (the Lowry's) over the years and as their health declined, our staff would open the door for them, bring their food out, and some would even take their break and sit with them. Mr. Cathy (founder of Chick-fil-A) said, ‘We're not in the chicken business, we're in the people business.'" We believe Mr. Truett Cathy would be very proud of his employees in Flowood, MS.