Do you know the FIFO method?
Front of Chick-Fil-A Restaurant
Credit: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Once upon a time, in a land before culinary school, my refrigerator was a geninune mess. These days, it's not exactly instagram gold, but I'm pretty sure Ina Garten would be proud. My secret? The wisdom I swear by came during a 2015 lesson on food safety, and it's called the FIFO method, which stands for "First In, First Out."

Fast forward to now, and Chick-fil-A reminded me of the handy tip for keeping your fridge neat — and food safe. In a spring cleaning article on Chick-fil-A's blog The Chicken Wire, Wing Lau, a culinary expert for the company shares his version of the FIFO rule. "When it comes to organizing food storage areas like the pantry, refrigerator and fruit bowl, Lau likes to think in terms of first in, first out – or, FIFO," the post's author Kelly Lassing writes. "[That means] we move older food and supplies up to the front to make sure we use those before getting to the new items," explains Lau.

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They say you learn something new every day, and this afternoon I've learned that I've been tossing my fruit in the bowl all wrong. Happy spring cleaning, folks.