Chick-fil-A to Debut Chocolate Fudge Brownies and a Mocha Cream Cold Brew This Monday

Mooove Over, Peach Milkshake.

Attention chocolate and coffee lovers, your Chick-fil-A love is about to dial up a notch, thanks to three new items coming to restaurants across the country starting Monday, September 14.

First up, sweet tooths can look forward to the Chocolate Fudge Brownie, made with a rich semi-sweet chocolate and fudgy chunks. You can buy the brownies individually wrapped (from $1.89) or by the tray (from $11.50).

CFA Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Mocha Cream Cold Brew
Courtesy Chick-fil-A

Next, peruse the drinks menu and you'll find a limited-time offering through November 14, ideal for java enthusiasts: the Mocha Cream Cold Brew, an iced beverage made with cold-brewed coffee, sweetened cream, and chocolate-flavored syrup (small from $2.69; large from $3.09).

Completing the trio of upcoming menu launches is a new blend of THRIVE Farmers Hot Coffee. Crafted from coffee beans grown in Central and South America, the custom blend offers imbibers notes of smooth caramel with a nutty finish (small from $1.69; large from $2.25).

“We are always looking to add fun and flavorful offerings to our menu, and these new dessert and snack options make perfect additions as we enter the fall season,” said Leslie Neslage, director of menu and packaging at Chick-fil-A, in a company press release. “We received positive responses when we tested the Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Mocha Cream Cold Brew in select markets last year, and we hope our customers will be as excited as we are to have these sweet treats join our menu nationwide.”

CFA Chocolate Fudge Brownie1
Courtesy Chick-fil-A

During the coronavirus pandemic, Chick-fil-A's Safe Service guidelines remain a priority for the fast food giant. Using the Chick-fil-A App you can order carry-out and drive-thru, with curbside pick-up available at select restaurant. Delivery options vary, and you can see what delivery options are available by you on the app. Restaurants have also launched contactless service, to help limit person-to-person contact as much as possible.

Well, we officially know where we're ordering lunch from Monday. Now, the only question is, individually wrapped brownies or a tray?

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