Can't make it to a cherry blossom festival this year? Plant your own!

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Cherry Blossom Tree
Credit: Yun Han Xu/Getty Images

Sure, we're looking forward to longer days and warmer weather, but those aren't the only exciting things spring has to offer.

You don't need to be a botanist to know that spring is the Super Bowl of blooms, and cherry blossom trees are the main event. But if you can't make it to Washington D.C. for the National Cherry Blossom Festival (the largest in the U.S.) or to Macon, Georgia, for the city's 10-day International Cherry Blossom Festival this year, fear not, Home Depot is here to help.

That's right. Just as the world awaits the annual bloom, Home Depot is selling Kwanzan cherry blossom trees for only $39, so lovers of the fluffy pink flowers can enjoy their own springtime celebrations at home.

Via the big box store's Online Orchards, less than $40 will get you a young tree that's already about three-four feet tall. All you need to do is plant it, care for it, and enjoy watching it grow.

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According to the store's website, Kwanzans have consistently remained the most popular flowering cherry tree in the world due how easy they are to grow and, of course, their unmatched beauty.

Happy planting, y'all!