Like it or not, the coronavirus outbreak is making everyone into a home cook!


Restaurant closures and social distancing due to the coronavirus outbreak have left an unprecedented number of Americans to their own devices in the kitchen. All across the country, forgotten pots are being rediscovered and old recipes dusted off. And, in many homes, the sound of smoke alarms has become commonplace.

Woman Bad at Cooking
Credit: Underwood Archives/Getty Images

For inexperienced cooks faced with feeding themselves and their families for an extended period, this is a particularly stressful time. Maybe you impulse-bought an ingredient you don’t know how to use. Or your kids are asking for a meal you’ve never even considered making from scratch. Perhaps you’re anxious about eating healthfully and don’t know where to start?

Fortunately, James Beard Award–winning chef and co-owner of Prairie Grass Cafe in Chicago Sarah Stagner has set up a free hotline to help with all your cooking woes. Every day between 2 and 4 p.m. CT, you can give her a call at (847) 920-8437 and she will answer all your cooking questions.

“Our goal is to help you plan a nutritious, balanced meal with what you have at home and make it possible for you to be comfortable cooking for you and your family,” Stegner said in a press release. “Examples of questions we expect are how to properly roast a chicken; how to cook dried beans; what to make with root vegetables; how to make a potato gratin; and what to do with your leftovers, etc.”

Don’t mind if we do!