The petition has 6,149 signatures and counting.
Chef Leah Chase
Credit: Skip Bolen/Getty Images

Legendary New Orleans Chef, Leah Chase, died earlier this month, and as we mourn her passing, many are looking for special ways to honor the influential chef and civil rights activist.

One such person is Brent Rosen, President and CEO of the Southern Food & Beverage Museum in New Orleans, who created a petition in support of renaming one of the city's traffic circles, Lee Circle to "Leah Circle." Lee Circle was named after Confederate General Robert E. Lee and featured a monument of Lee for over a century until it was removed in 2017.

"Mrs. Chase has been a tireless champion for New Orleans' food and culture and has made an enormous impact on not just New Orleans, but the United States through her tireless commitment to civil rights and her work to uplift our communities," Rosen said in a statement to media. "Mrs. Chase represents the best of New Orleans. Honoring Leah Chase with a statue would be a well-deserved honor in the spirit of the Crescent City and its proud residents." Later, Rosen also noted that the National Food & Beverage Foundation — the parent organization of the Southern Food & Beverage Museum — would be "proud to cover the cost of the creation and installation of a statue of Chef Leah Chase."

So far, 6,149 of a desired 7,500 individuals have signed the petition. You can learn more or sign the petition on here.

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This weekend, cook up some of Leah's Gumbo Z'Herbes in the chef's honor and channel her spirit in reflecting on this quote: "The best way to know people is through food," Leah told Southern Living. "Get them to talk about food. Talk over food. It might be about food, but you're also talking about issues."