It's as close a you can get to their secret recipe!

By Meghan Overdeep
August 07, 2017
Cheesecake Factory baking mixes
Credit: The Cheesecake Factory

While they may not be willing to give up their secret recipe (honestly can you blame them?) thankfully The Cheesecake Factory did just make it a whole lot easier to replicate their signature desserts at home.

(Yes, you're allowed to squeal.)

The restaurant chain recently unveiled a new line of easy-to-follow cheesecake mixes in three mouthwatering flavors—classic, strawberry and salted caramel—available select Walmart locations. They've also provided detailed recipes online. Now you can recreate your own private Cheesecake Factory in the comfort of your own home. Added bonus: nobody will know if you accidentally eat the whole thing.

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They're still pretty new to the market so reviews are limited, but according to one YouTube user, the at-home version is "literally like The Cheesecake Factory."