This cheeseball has set the lunch goal bar high
Cheeseball Lunch Box
Credit: Andy Rine

Who needs a square meal when you can have a very round one? That seems to be the logic behind 3-year old Adam Rine's laugh-out-loud-worthy lunch, which is making the rounds of the Internet.

The toddler helped his parents out by packing his own lunch and the results were too good not to share. The boy's dad, Andy Rine, posted a picture on Reddit so that the world could be inspired by his son's mealtime ingenuity. The clever kid had filled his lunch box with nothing but cheese balls—no sandwich, no fruit or vegetable, no drink to wash it all down. Just cheese balls.

It's not exactly healthy, but it's certainly inspirational and the kid was definitely living his best life. His father told Babble how he discovered his son's talent for the culinary arts. As with all good parenting stories, Rine was home alone with the kids when it happened. When Adam's sister woke from her nap, Rine went to fetch her from her crib, leaving Adam momentarily unattended. That's when Adam must have realized he was peckish, because he headed to the kitchen to make himself a healthy meal—the cheese puffs his grandparents had given him for Easter. Soon enough, Adam presented his father with his creative lunch, which was unfortunately all over the couch, too.

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Rine snapped a photo of the Pinterest-worthy spread and then he and his son set about cleaning up the mess. Rine later posted the picture to Reddit, where it earned over a thousand upvotes from like-minded snack lovers who shared Adam's feelings about cheese balls. "You never know what a 3-year-old is going to come up with next," Rine told Babble. Hopefully what Adam comes up with next is a whole bunch of uses for Moon Pies.