This is not a drill.

Our prayers have been answered!

Ethan and Elizabeth Finkelstein, the founders of one of our favorite Instagram accounts of all time, Cheap Old Houses, are set to star in an eight-episode HGTV series of the same name slated to premiere in summer 2021.


"When HGTV fans told us we needed a show with Ethan and Elizabeth, we listened because we understand how easy it is to fall into the rabbit hole of hunting for cheap old houses," Loren Ruch, group senior vice president of programming and development for HGTV, said in a news release. "Everyone will be astounded by the incredible, inexpensive property treasures that Ethan and Elizabeth find and they also may be inspired to buy a cheap old house of their own."

Cameras will follow the husband-and-wife team as they visit cities and small towns across America to tour two low-priced (listed below $150,000) homes and share stories of their historical significance and architectural uniqueness. The couple, who also run the historic homes listing platform called Circa, will imagine what the houses could look like with proper restorations. In the end they will choose which house to feature on their Instagram.

The series also will spotlight the couple as they stop by to see gorgeous restorations of saved old homes formerly featured on Cheap Old Houses.

"This is the true, authentic show we've always wanted to make. We'll be touring actual cheap old houses for sale and then visiting people from the cheap old house community who have purchased and restored their own," the Finkelsteins wrote in the show announcement on their Instagram. "We've been so inspired by all of you and hope this show can inspire more people in the world to restore and revitalize these beauties."

Oh, this is going to be good!