"Everybody can be happy. It's a choice. We are responsible for our own happiness."

Valerie Washington Charlotte Airport
Credit: Ted Williams/Charlotte Agenda

Her name is Valerie Washington, but those who frequent the Charlotte Douglas Internal Airport know her as Ms. Valerie, the "airport singing lady."

The 57-year-old Charlotte native has been working at the airport for the past 10 years. These days, the Charlotte Agenda reports that you can find her manning the register at the Today store in Concourse E, where she'll likely be singing, dancing, waving, and cheering up weary travelers.

Ms. Valerie's positivity is contagious—and that's the point.

"Everybody can be happy," she explained to the Charlotte Agenda reporter Ted Williams recently. "It's a choice. We are responsible for our own happiness."

"If people look at me with a mean face, I give them the happiest face," Ms. Valerie continued. "You're not on candid camera, but you are in the happy zone."

"She brightens my day every time I fly," one traveler shared with the Charlotte Agenda. "I go out of my way to buy my pre-flight snacks from her."

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Keep on singing Ms. Valerie!