"The good lord said, 'this is your dog.'"

Thanks to a veteran member of the North Charleston Fire Department, a three-month old puppy found trapped beneath a pile of rocks and concrete slabs got not one, but two happy endings last week.

Capt. Paul Bryant first went viral after a video of him getting on his hands and knees to rescue the tiny Shepard mix from certain death hit Facebook on March 30th.

According to a Facebook post from the Charleston Animal Society, a man and his five-year-old son heard the puppy's cries while riding their bikes. They rushed home to get a shovel and pickax, but when they realized they couldn't get the puppy out, Bryant and the rest of Engine 201 were dispatched.

It's unknown how long the pup was trapped beneath the rocks, and he was fortunate not to suffer any injuries. He was later brought to Charleston Animal Society, where he was vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped in preparation for adoption.

Bryant, however, had other ideas. Just a few says later he set about rescuing the puppy again—this time, by adopting him.

"This is meant to be, he's my dog and he's coming home with me," Bryant in a Facebook video on Charleston Animal Society's page.

Bryant added that he was looking forward to "getting him home, getting him a stable environment. Just giving him the love that he deserves."

"The good lord said, ‘this is your dog,'" Bryant continued, revealing that he'd come up with an appropriate name for the lucky canine: Rocky.