Historic weather has introduced us to a new art form: the snow day video.

By Meghan Overdeep
January 17, 2018
Boy Catching Snowflakes on his Tongue
Credit: Tatyana Tomsickova Photography/Getty Images

We're just a few weeks in, and this winter has already made history. With record low temperatures and snow in regions that haven't seen it for generations, it's been a banner year for snow days, to say the least. But, true to form, Southerners have taken it all in stride, and have even found ways to relish this brutal winter.

With a handful of snow days already under their belts, nobody is enjoying this bizarre weather more than students and teachers. Tasked with something they rarely get to do—canceling school—superintendents and administrators are getting especially creative with their snow day announcements, including one singing principal (below) from Union Pointe Academy in Florence, Kentucky, whose musical stylings have propelled him to viral fame.

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From Kentucky to Mississippi, scroll down to see the funniest snow day announcements:

Lakeside High School in Holt, Arkansas:

Union Pointe Academy in Florence, Kentucky:

Pontotoc County School District in Pontotoc County, Mississippi:

Senatobia Junior High School in Senatobia, Mississippi:

Houston Middle School in Germantown, Tennessee:

Tullahoma City Schools in Tullahoma, Tennessee:

West Elementary School in Mount Juliet, Tennessee:

If we didn't know it already, teachers and school officials are all heroes. These folks deserve a standing ovation. And perhaps a retweet!