It has nothing to do with resetting your clocks.
Smoke Alarm Changing Batteries
Credit: Tetra Images/Getty Images

Yes, updating your oven, microwave, watch, and alarm clock are all musts, too. But there's one thing you may have overlooked this past Sunday for Daylight Saving Time: Replacing the batteries in your smoke detectors.

The annual changing of clocks serves as an excellent indicator to complete this vital task, too. "The two times a year we change our clocks also serve as a valuable reminder to change the batteries in our fire alarms," writes Caroline Picard in a recent piece for Prevention. "Only 57% of Americans have followed best practice and done so in the past six months, according to a survey of more 1,000 people conducted by ServiceMaster Restore."

While you're brushing up on fire safety, you're also sleeping with your bedroom door closed, right? Here's why shutting your bedroom door can be so important in the event of a fire.

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Looking for a speedy refresher on changing the batteries in the smoke detectors throughout your home? Watch this brief tutorial on YouTube here.