The Most-Googled Relationship Questions in Every Southern State

The findings may surprise you.

News flash: Valentine's Day is this Friday. Whether you find yourself on a BFF getaway for Galentine's Day, celebrating with a family member, or on a romantic date with a partner, love is on the mind for many as Saint Valentine's Day approaches.

And if you're anything like us, you may be wondering what people across the South are typing into Ye Olde Google Machine in the love department. To that point, CenturyLinkQuote —an authorized reseller of CenturyLink products—has set out to discover the most-Googled relationship questions for the second year in a row. What do you think your home state was most curious to learn in the realm of romance? Below, read on for the most-Googled relationship questions in every Southern state.

Most-Googled Relationship Questions
  • Alabama: Does she like me
  • Arkansas: Does he love me
  • Delaware: How to kiss
  • D.C.: How to get a date
  • Florida: When to text back
  • Georgia: How to get dates
  • Kentucky: What do women want
  • Louisiana: How to get dates
  • Maryland: Am I in love
  • Mississippi: What do men want
  • Missouri: Am I in love
  • North Carolina: How to get dates
  • Oklahoma: Am I in love
  • South Carolina: When to say I love you
  • Tennessee: When to text back
  • Texas: When to text back
  • Virginia: How to get dates
  • West Virginia: How to break up

Is your state wondering when to say I love you for the first time or antsy to learn how to break up? Do the findings for your state surprise you? We're thinking Alabama and Arkansas should go on a date and Kentucky and Maryland should grab dinner and chat, too. As for all those states fretting about when to text a love prospect back, may we suggest a good, old-fashioned phone call?

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