Sadly, not all horses in the Outer Banks area survived the wrath of Hurricane Dorian.


If you've visited the Outer Banks, the barrier islands off of the coast of North Carolina, you're likely familiar with the majestic wild horses that roam free on these lands.

While reports initially presumed these wild creatures were safe following Hurricane Dorian, a storm surge in the wake of the hurricane is now believed to be the cause for the death of 28 wild horses in Pamlico Sound. As the Charlotte Observer recently shared, these horses belonged to a lesser-known herd of 49 horses on Cedar Island, located between the Outer Banks and northeast of Morehead City on the mainland.

"Only 21 members of the herd survived, including some that managed to swim from the sound to nearby islands, herd manager Woody Hancock told McClatchy news group," writes Mark Price for the Charlotte Observer (McClatchy is the newspaper's parent company). Sadly, some of these beautiful animals have washed ashore on area beaches, while others are lost at sea. "All bore a brand identifying them as members of the Cedar Island herd, Hancock said."

Typically, wild horses retreat to higher ground and take shelter under large trees to make it through severe weather, but this imposing wall of water rendered the creatures helpless.

We're sending extra love to these beautiful wild horses today.