Harvey the cat is a bit directionally challenged, but oh so cute.
Credit: Dallas Animal Services/Facebook

Harvey the cat has made a habit of taking wrong turns. After Dallas Animal Services spent six hours rescuing him from the bottom of a 25-foot hole at a construction site, they were shocked to learn that this wasn't the only time the male tabby had gotten lost.

Dallas News reports that other than being completely caked in mud, Harvey was in pretty good shape when they pulled him out of the hole. After giving him a much needed bath, shelter staff scanned him for a microchip and were delighted to find that he had one. An even more surprising find: Harvey was from Denver, Colorado, nearly 800 miles away from the muddy construction site near Highland Park where he was found.

According to his owner, Jackie Ewer, Harvey disappeared from her Denver home eight months earlier. As for how he ended up in Dallas? Nobody knows. Over the weekend she flew to Dallas and was reunited with him on Sunday at Animal Services.

"I didn't think I'd see him again," she says. "I'm really excited to see him and I know my boys are going to be excited to see him again."

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If he hadn't been microchipped, Harvey may never have been reunited with his family. "It's an incredible microchip success story. Without it, there's almost no way we would have tracked down his family," a spokesperson for the shelter tells The Dodo. "We are always thrilled to see such happy stories thanks to a chip!"