Watch This Genius Cat Rescue His Owner When She Locks Herself out of the House

He should go down in hiss-tory for this heroic deed!

When Gabby Tropea took in a stray tabby cat a few years ago, the Texas college student thought she was getting an ordinary feline companion. She never guessed how special the cat she named Boko would turn out to be.

A year ago, Gabby left Boko at home for a moment so she could take her sister Isabelle to school. She didn’t realize that her sister had locked the door behind them, and Gabby didn’t bring her keys.

She was locked out.

Cat Looking Out Door
Linda Raymond/Getty Images

"I got to the front door and Boko could hear me trying to get in," Gabby recalled to The Dodo. "He started crying and scratching at the door."

The patio door, which was secured with a stick, was their only hope of a swift reunion. And clever Boko was more than up for the task.

"I went to the back patio and he saw me waiting there," Gabby said. “He started rubbing his face on the stick and I was encouraging him to mess with it. I was coaching him to lift it up. He understood what I was trying to tell him, and he started lifting it up!"

Gabby recorded Boko’s heroic moment and shared it on Twitter. The incredible clip (below) quickly went viral.

As for Boko? "He was so proud of himself when I got in and I gave him a couple treats," Gabby told The Dodo. "He was all clingy and snuggly after that for a good while."

Go Boko!

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