Ember and Flame
Credit: Atlanta Humane Society

A week before Mother's Day, Ember and her kittens were brought to the Atlanta Humane Society. But it was too late—her kittens were too sick, and one by one they died.

"She had lost all of her babies," Christina Hill, director of marketing and communications for AHS, told The Dodo, "but not her motherly instinct."

Around the same time, a very sick newborn kitten who was found all alone was brought in by a good samaritan. He weighed just half of what he should have and was in desperate need of help. Chances of his survival were slim.

That's when the staff came up with the brilliant idea of uniting the two suffering felines.

"The two had an immediate bond," Hill said. "The grieving mom immediately took to the tiny kitten, grooming him, cuddling him, and letting him nurse." And the little orphan kitten was given a name: Flame. In the end, they saved each other.

Today Ember and Flame are recovering in a foster home, and they will be available for adoption in one month, either together or apart.

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"It'd be absolutely adorable if they could be adopted together," Hill said. "They would love it! And two cats is always better than one."

To find out more about adopting Ember, Flame or one of AHS's other animals, visit