After a two-day operation, all three brave bovines have been safely returned to Cedar Island.
Hurricane Dorian Castaway Cows
Credit: NPS/Jeff West

The story of three castaway cows that moo-ved the nation earlier this month finally got its happy ending.

According to officials with the Cape Lookout National Seashore, the wild cows that managed to swim four to five miles to North Core Banks during Hurricane Dorian have been returned to their home in Cedar Island and reunited with what remains of their herd.

Park staff worked with cowboys from Ranch Solutions, LLC. and Morris Marina Ferry Service to round up the cattle in a two-day operation that lasted from Thursday until Friday morning, WRAL reports. The cows were corralled into a cattle trailer that was loaded onto a ferry.

All three cows were living on Cedar Island when Hurricane Dorian created an eight-foot "mini tsunami" that swept much of the wildlife off the island, and claimed the lives of 28 wild horses.

The cattle, which are known by their nickname "sea cows" along the coast, are part of a herd of about 20 wild cows that roamed private land on Cedar Island. Most are believed to have died in the storm. Out of concern for sea turtles, nesting birds, and other native wildlife, the brave bovines were unable to stay in their adopted home.

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We’re happy to hear that they made it back safe and sound!