Like mama like son!

By Meghan Overdeep
April 24, 2018
Southern Living Carrie Underwood Son Isaiah
Credit: Instagram/Carrie Underwood

During a Monday morning appearance on NASH's Ty, Kelly & Chuck show, Carrie Underwood hinted that her three-year-old son Isaiah might not share husband Mike Fisher's enthusiasm for hockey.

He's still young, but according to the Grammy-winner, all signs currently point to Isaiah being musically inclined instead. "I think he's going to be able to sing… I hope, I think. When I try to get him to sing he won't do it, but I think he's gonna be able to sing," Underwood, 35, revealed. "But he's a super physical kid too, he always has been. He likes to climb, he likes to run—he's fast."

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Despite his natural athleticism, Fisher's attempts to get him to play hockey haven't gone well thus far.

"Mike will take him to skate and he's not that interested," she said, adding that it could simply be that he's too young to appreciate his NHL dad's sport of choice. "I feel like he's in that time where, if he can't do something, he doesn't want to try. He's like ‘no it's hard I can't do it' and will move on."

The "Jesus Take The Wheel" singer also addressed the couple's reluctance to share photos of Isaiah (who happens to be impossibly cute) on social media.

"I don't want to post things that might embarrass him later," Underwood explained. "If he decides he wants to be in the public eye when he gets older, or do some job that leads him there, then that's his choice, but we're just careful about posting too much stuff."

Watch the interview clip above.