Honeys making honey.
Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher
Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

In recent months during the coronavirus outbreak, we've all tried to find new activities to make the most of all the extra time we're spending at home. Some of us have turned to taking virtual tours from museums. Some of us have been giving our garden or windowsill plant collection more TLC. Some of us have discovered a new obsession with online learning platform MasterClass (Judy Blume on writing for younger readers? Yes please.)

Some of us have turned to our favorite celebrities for inspiration. Joanna Gaines has taken to the kitchen, cooking up a storm (and even sharing some videos with us). Matthew McConaughey started an Instagram series taking fans behind the scenes of some of his most loved movies. Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have picked up beekeeping.

Yes, as in, suiting up and all and pursuing the fine art of beekeeping is now the go-to hobby of this Tennessee-based duo. Underwood shared a glimpse into their new favorite pastime via video sharing platform TikTok, during which you can see the couple donning their beekeeping apparel to transport bees around what we assume is their family's property. Along with the clip, Underwood captioned her post with "Mike thinks bee keeping is 'pretty cool,'" signing off with the hashtags #bees, #farmlife, and #ImJustHereForTheHoney. Personally, we think it's a pretty neat and interesting hobby to pick up during these strange and turbulent times. You can watch the video for yourself on TikTok here.

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We hope their new hobby helps them tune out from the news and world for a while and be present in the moment, and with nature. We just hope they don't get such a buzz from that activity that they prematurely remove their beekeeper's hat and veil and get stung.