"I want to see him win."
Southern Living Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher NHL Retirement
Southern Living Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher NHL Retirement
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Mike Fisher knows that a happy wife means a happy life.

During a visit to iHeartRadio's Bobby Bones Show on Thursday, singer Carrie Underwood revealed that she was the main factor in Fisher coming out of retirement, and rejoining the Nashville Predators.

In October, Fisher stunned fans when he announced that he had made the difficult decision to retire from the NHL. Then, just a few months later, the Preds captain took it all back, and announced that he would be un-retiring and returning to the team for the coming season.

During the interview yesterday, Bones asked Underwood, "How much of a factor were you in Mike coming back to play?"

"I would say I was the main factor in that. I was like, ‘Yeah, do it! Why wouldn't you want to come back?' And he was like, "I just kind of closed that door, and I retired, and I've got these things that I want to do," and wanted to obviously spend time with us."

"But, I don't know," the Grammy-winner continued. "I was just kind of like, ‘What's the worst that could happen, barring an injury? (Let's take that off the table. Please don't get hurt.) But you make a run for it and it's a repeat of last year, you know?

"To see somebody who's worked so hard for so long at something he loves, you know, I want to see him win."

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She went on to explain how quickly he was able to get back into shape after a six-month absence from the game. "I think the first couple weeks back he was hurting. His family is just genetically blessed, and that doesn't happen. I'm like ... Yeah, they're all just lean, and skinny, and have six-packs, and it's disgusting. Not fair."