There's no way you can watch this and not laugh.
2019 CMT Music Awards - Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer
Credit: John Shearer / Contributor / Getty Images

We're all getting a little stir crazy as we spend seemingly endless hours at home amid the coronavirus outbreak. One excellent way to pass the time? Pull off a fun prank.

For that, we're turning to country music power couple Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer for some inspiration. Last month, Bryan spooked Boyer by playing a train horn noise as Boyer innocently biked along the road. Scared by the sudden blare, she veered over into the grass and then quickly lost her balance and fell down as a result of this little practical joke. Watch the video below.

Not one to let a prank go unreturned, however, Boyer carefully plotted for the day when she would exact a bit of playful revenge on her beloved husband. Last week, that wonderful moment came. As Luke was enjoying a beer at home, another resident of the house in on Boyer's scheme inquired for some Parmesan. As Luke rummaged around for the cheese in the fridge,  little did he know his wife was hiding in the cabinet directly about the appliance, ready to startle him with a shout.  The outcome? Hilarious, with a side of spilled beer. "Got Luke back....'Somebody messes with me, I’m gonna mess with him'- Al Capone," she playfully captioned the video. Watch below and get ready for some more hearty belly laughs. (Also, let's take a moment to appreciate how adorable Bryan looks in casual house clothes with his hair all grown out.)

Done laughing and ready for some more of Luke and Caroline? Watch the sweet duo compete against other country music couples in an episode of "The Newlywed Challenge."

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Now, if you'll excuse us for a few moments, we believe we have a cabinet to hoist ourselves into and prep for own little silly trick.