Knitters to your needles!

Baby Bird Knitted Nest
Credit: Facebook/Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue anticipated a modest response when they put out a social media plea for knitted and crocheted nests back in March. What the Charlotte-based wildlife rescue didn't expect, was for thousands of people around the country to chip in.

The organization shares the same request every year. Their shelter will often take in as many as 3,000 baby birds in need of care during nesting season, which means they need all the tiny nests they can get. If the chicks aren't able to grow within the safety of a nest, they will have splayed legs when they're older.

"We look for nests every year," Bayleigh MacHaffie, a wildlife rehab specialist for CRW, told WGRZ. "Ones that people can crochet, put together so that we can put our songbirds into them when we do get them in."

MacHaffie said for whatever reason, this year, the post went viral.

The original Facebook post was shared thousands of times, and the shelter became flooded with just as many handmade nests, along with messages of encouragement, and greeting cards from all over the country.

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Despite the recent surge in nests, CRW stressed to WGRZ that they'll never reach a point where they won't need more knitted or crocheted nests.

"We do have a lot that have come in," MacHaffie said. "We could always use a little bit more and even if we don't use them, we can send them to other people who we know that does need them."

If you like to knit or crochet and are interested in making nests for baby birds. Mail them to:

Happy knitting, y'all!