Math is a lot more fun when food is involved.
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Whether it's your own kids or ones you've borrowed, cooking with youngsters is one of life's greatest pleasures. The joy on their little faces as they learn how to make pizza dough for the first time or as they discover the secret ingredients in mom's prized baked apples. The excitement when they taste test uncle Bob's chili. The pride that beams from them as everyone gathers around the table for a meal they helped prepare.

Another great benefit of cooking with kids? They learn some awesome math skills that will serve them well no matter what career aspirations they go onto pursue. But sometimes (ahem, often), kids don't like learning from us mere mortal grown-ups. Sometimes, they prefer learning from famed culinary wizards.

That's why we were so excited to see that Nashville native Carla Hall has her very own culinary math cooking class, available for free on YouTube. In the roughly half-hour long class, Hall works alongside students from Manhattan's Food and Finance High School in a class at the Institute of Culinary Education to review basic math principles. In the lesson, they cover topics such as understanding percentages, how to solve for ratios, and solving algebraic equations like determining the cost of food per person.

While this particular video was filmed in 2015, it recently resurfaced onto our radars thanks to a new initiative from YouTube, dubbed #CampYouTube, a collection of videos on topics including STEM, arts, sports, and adventure. Per PopSugar, the collection totals at over 1,200 videos for kids and teens to enjoy, some of which require a YouTube Kids account— you answer some straightforward prompts to set up.

Get excited to put on your chef's hat with the little ones and watch Hall's video below. For more virtual summer camp offerings, click here.

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What are the kids in your life doing to stay busy and entertained this summer? Are there any online programs they've been especially loving?