"My heart's filled."
Georgia Firefighter and the Little Girl He Saved
Credit: WSB-TV

The incredible story of a young Georgia girl thrown to safety from the third floor of a burning building reached an emotional conclusion on Good Morning America on Monday.

Five-year-old Destiny Nelson officially met Captain Scott Stroup of the Dekalb County Fire Rescue Department, the firefighter who caught her after her father saved her life by throwing her from their blazing Decatur apartment.

The Nelson family's story shocked the world last week after harrowing helmet cam footage of Stroup catching Destiny went viral.

Stroup was quick to acknowledge that firefighters do incredible things everyday, although the public rarely sees it. But for Stroup, a 26-year fire department veteran, it was meeting with the girl's family again that made this incident so special to him.

"Very seldom do we get to make that personal connection, and this right here, if I retire today I would have had a fulfilled career," he told ABC News. "To see the family, and how appreciative they are, and see the children playing with their siblings, my heart's filled."

Destiny's mom Djuana told ABC that having her daughter meet with Stroup has helped to heal the youngster, who is still struggling to understand the events.

"It started some healing for my family," Djuana said. "Most of all, it brought some clarity to my daughter...because all she keeps talking about is, 'Daddy threw me, and fire, and Daddy being hurt,' so she doesn't quite understand."

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Nelson added that she hopes meeting with Stroup helped her daughter understand that her daddy wasn't trying to hurt her; "he was trying to save her life."

Stroup's Good Morning America reunion with Destiny shows him giving the young girl a big hug and telling her how good it is to see her again. "I want to tell you something, okay? Do you know how brave your daddy is?" Stroup asked. "He's very very brave. He loves you very much. Your daddy saved your life."